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a 38 year old traceur and soon to be daddy, learning to work out again.

I have been working out 5 days a week for over 3 weeks now. I get up at 530 and work out arms and shoulders on one day, legs and abs the next, all cardio on day 3, then arms again, then legs. I weigh a bit more than i’d like but i’m getting there. Also been 90% vegetarian for about a month so i’m always looking for great sources of lean protein in veggies.
As far as practicing parkour, not so much but I do use QPM as part of my routine. I have the feeling I can do this. I feel stronger every day.


It is really hard to find work out time with a 4 month old baby in the house. Did it today!

Well, I have an excuse. He’s below.


I went out this morning just to get used to moving again. Ive gained a little weight but it wasn’t too bad. I still have pretty good power in my legs, I need to get my wind back. Did precision practice on the steps, some sprints and some general QM and,vault practice. Getting ever closer to a solid Kong!


I went north of Reno today to return to the spot where I messed up my foot months ago. It is full of rails and places to precision. I spent most if my time doing strength moves, did central sets of plyo  jumps but not as many as I would have liked. For some reason I tired more easily today than usual. I am feeling really good about the monkey ups and the progression to a solid Kong.
Pretty soon I will have


been working on parkour for a year.


same spot as usual, 3pm. Foucan warmup. I noticed my handstands are getting much more steady than theyve ever been. Really feel more comfortable on my hands than ever. I spent some time running, trying to stay on the balls of the feet. I had an awesome session doing monkey ups and doing dual safety vaults. one side then the other. Did some more running and then i went into plyo jumps up the staircase. I think I did about 15 or 20 sets of 3 jumps up 10 stairs. I concluded with some more vault practice and a good stretch.

so, its only Wednesday but i have every intention of working out at Bricktown tomorrow and practicing something called Monkey -ups! This is a variation of QM where basically you side vault onto a wall using your hands and back down. I love practicing balance and QM. i feel so strong and agile afterwards.
It was an awesome day to train. I tried monkey ups on a couple different levels and,worked on my wall climbing and vaults in general. The canal in bricktown is currently totally drained. Next week!


Just created my bandcamp page where i will be placing some odds and ends, and things that might not qualify as an album. The first collection is “With Outer Nights” which is pretty much some improvs and one offs i recorded in 2009. it is free to listen and download so enjoy!!

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